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Group dues rate

If several people from your institution or system wish to join HEPNet as higher ed members, together you can receive a dues discount of up to 15%. 


This group rate is limited to three prospective members from the same institution or system. The three members receive a 15% total discount. If two people, rather than three, are interested, the total discount is 10%. The group must mail their application forms together, along with payment. This discount is not retroactive and can only be used at the beginning of the membership year.


Memberships at the group dues rate will be processed after all registration forms and payment are received.

Group dues FAQ

Is the group dues rate an institutional membership?

Not exactly. It’s a reduced rate for up to three individuals from the same institution. Our Association is still too small and new to create a full-fledged institutional membership program. We’ve created the next-best thing. Plus, even without the discount, our dues are already very reasonable.


How many people can participate?

Up to three individuals from an institution or system.


What’s the deal?

If you submit three memberships at the same time from the same institution or system, the memberships will be discounted by 15%.  If you submit two memberships at the same time from the same institution or system, the memberships will be discounted by 10%.  Membership applications need to be mailed in together to take advantage of the discount.


What’s the group rate?

If you have a total of two people, the cost in 2019 for the two memberships will be $315. If you have three people, the 2019 cost for the three memberships will be $446.25.


Good deal!

We agree. Without the group dues rate, the 2019 total cost would be $350 for two memberships and $525 for three memberships.


When do we become eligible?

The group must submit their membership forms at the same time, and they will have the same membership starting date.  


What is HEPNet’s membership year?

We start your membership in the month in which you, or your group, submit an application and payment. The membership runs for 12 months.

Can we apply online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Instead just print out an application form for each participant and mail the forms together to: HEPNet, P.O. Box 44, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. If you pay by credit card, you can also email your forms.


How do we pay?

Along with the membership forms, enclose a check or credit card information. If you’d like, you can provide credit card information over the phone. (The phone number is listed below.) Note that we won’t retain the credit card information after processing the payment.


My colleagues are in other departments. Can each of us pay separately?

We appreciate that working through different departmental budgets can be tricky. If you need to submit multiple payments from different budgets, that’s ok!  We’ll process the memberships once we’ve received the full payment.


Can the group dues discount be retroactive?

Sorry, no.


We have four colleagues who want to join as a group. Is that okay?

We’re thrilled about your enthusiasm. The four can join as two groups of two, and each group will receive a 10% reduction. 


Are affiliate HEPNet members eligible for the Group Dues Rate?

Sorry, no. It’s available only to colleges, universities, and higher education systems.


Referral program

Spread the word about HEPNet! If a current member refers someone who joins HEPNet as a new member, and has never before been in HEPNet, the current member will receive a 5% discount on their next membership renewal.  The new member needs to list on the membership registration form the name of the person who made the referral.  We’ll handle the rest.

Can I refer someone from my own institution or system?

Yes, please do!


Why would I refer someone from my own institution or system instead of getting a group rate?

The group rates are for memberships that begin at the same time.  If your membership is due for renewal in June, and someone at your institution wants to become a member in January, you can receive a 5% referral discount for yourself to use in June.


How do I get the discount?

Once we confirm that the new member has never been a member before and has listed your name on the application form as a referral, you’ll receive a coupon code by email to use when you renew your membership.


Can an affiliate member receive a referral discount?

Yes. Affiliate members of HEPNet, who aren’t at colleges or universities, can receive a referral discount. Affiliate members aren’t though, eligible for the group dues rate.


I often go to conferences and tell a lot of people how great HEPNet is.  If four of them become members, do I get a 20% discount?

Why, thank you!  Unfortunately, you only receive one 5% referral discount annually.  But if you refer people every year, you can get that 5% each year!         


My co-worker at my institution and I are both members and participate in the group rates program.  Can I still refer new members?

Of course you can!  However, you would only receive one discount annually so if you both renew your memberships together, you would forego the lesser 5% discount.


Who can help sort this out?

The HEPNet Executive Director, Lindsay Meyer Bond, will be happy to answer your questions, take credit card payments by phone, or provide further assistance. Contact Lindsay at 681-4HEPNet (681-443-7638) or The mailing address is HEPNet, P.O. Box 44, Canal Winchester, OH 43110.


HEPNet is pretty cool.

We agree.


Referral program FAQ