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member benefits



member benefits


Members of HEPNet can enjoy numerous membership benefits that will be useful to people in many lines of work, from programming to compliance, human resources to legal, policy to athletics, and everything in between! 

Annual dues are $175 for those in higher education and $250 for those outside of higher education that support our mission.


If several people from your institution or system wish to join HEPNet as higher ed members, together you can receive a dues discount of up to 15%.

This group rate is limited to three prospective members from the same institution or system. The three members receive a 15% total discount. If two people, rather than three, are interested, the total discount is 10%. 

Spread the word about HEPNet! If a current member refers someone who joins HEPNet as a new member, and has never before been in HEPNet, the current member will receive a 5% discount on their next membership renewal.  The new member needs to list on the membership registration form the name of the person who made the referral.  We’ll handle the rest.


Webinars are held multiple times a year at no charge to members.  Topics range from risk management to transgender youth participating in programs to swimming pool precautions as it relates to abuse.  We welcome input on desired topics and have hosted over 30 conference calls since 2013 on a wide range of topics.

Regularly Scheduled Webinars


The HEPNet annual conference includes networking, educational sessions, social events, new member welcome session, mentorship opportunities, and a whole lot more.  Members will receive a discounted rate each year on the conference.

Annual Conference


Because HEPNet is so diverse in which areas members work in, some members go to recreational sport conferences while some go to risk management.  Chances are that someone else at your conference is also a member of HEPNet but you wouldn’t know without Member Connections. This interactive map shows where conferences are, when, and who will be there, so that you can network and meet up if desired. It also shows where member institutions are as well as when and where HEPNet Hangouts are occurring.

Member Connections


HEPNet Hangouts give members an opportunity to meet with one another in an informal setting to talk about work or life when you are in the same city or area.

HEPNet Hangouts


There are many committees that need chairs and participants and the sky is the limit in how involved you can get in HEPNet.  The great thing about this field is very few have “been doing it for 30 years,” so there is no intimidation factor holding someone back from getting involved, even if you are brand new.  We welcome all professional fields and experience levels to contribute to our mission and goals.



We are working on partnerships with many groups that can bring expertise and breadth to HEPNet.  For example, we work closely with the American Camp Association (ACA) in aligning camp accreditation standards with the higher education environment and ACA has an affinity group for Camps on Campus.  We are currently reaching out to many other organizations and associations to form meaningful partnerships and experiences. 

Affinity & Affiliated Groups


HEPNet’s website hosts a job board for opportunities related to youth protection, across all fields.

Job Board



The HEPNet Blog will give members the opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences, and anecdotes about their protection of minors experience at their colleges/universities. The blog will also give HEPNet members a writing credit as blogs are considered publications.


The ability to connect with and ask questions of those not only in your line of work, but across many disciplines is a unique benefit of HEPNet and this will certainly be to your advantage when you have access to all these individuals through a listserve and discussion board.

Discussion Board


Benchmarking of policies is useful especially to those beginning to write youth protection policies, but will help anyone.  It is always good to know what those informal industry standards are.

Benchmarking Surveys & Data


New members will have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor based on many factors- which department you are housed in, where you are in the policy writing stage, regional connections, etc.  Mentors will have the opportunity to meet before each annual conference in order to “show mentees the ropes” and relationships can last as long as you both want it to.

Mentor Program


Training is a huge component in preventing child abuse and educating on how to report suspected abuse.  It is helpful to see other trainings to get inspiration for your own, or to know what to look for in a boxed training.  Different schools, as well as commercial trainings available for purchase, have their training on display for you to view.

Training Modules


Policy: For those with youth protection policies that require registration, or thinking about it, this resource is invaluable.  You are able to view other schools’ systems, as well as some available for purchase.

Program: This critiques and outlines multiple program registration systems, including blogs of current members and will benefit programmers, and perhaps those who may get related questions about program registration systems.

Registration Systems


In higher education, research is vital so this is an important part of our member resources.



Amongst our members, we have given numerous presentations.  As a member, you will have the privilege of viewing some of these presentations at no additional cost.



So that you can reach out to others by position, department, or school.

Member Directory


This is an evolving field so there is no “best” out there yet, but that’s what we want to get to.  In the meantime, these guides will give guidance on what is being done in regards to background checks, audits, and many other topics.

Good Practice Guides


Stay in-the-know not only with HEPNet business, but the field of youth protection in higher education as a whole.  Learn of professional development opportunities, recent news stories of related misconduct, get to know one of your fellow members in the Member Spotlight, and much more.






HEPNet provides valuable information about best practices at other HEIs. UI Risk shares this information with various youth-serving groups throughout our university.
-Risk Manager
It has been exciting to see HEPNet formalize its role as the leader in the field of youth protection in higher education. To see the informal network become an official organization has been thrilling!  Having access to this cadre of allied professionals has greatly improved my own work.
-Youth Protection Coordinator
HEPNet provides a powerful support network of like type minded professionals across the U.S. that constantly strive to improve business practices to protect youth and vulnerable populations that visit our campuses and conduct off-site educational outreach programs. 
- Risk Specialist
As a program manager, the most valuable benefit to me is the community of people with training and skills very different from my own. Thanks to the listserv, improving compliance and training are now something I think about on a daily basis.
- Academic Program Manager

My first experience with HEPNet was a four hour meeting regarding bylaws of the organization (ha!). Little did I know there was no reason for me to be involved in the meeting, yet this organization is the sole reason I am still building the Youth Safety program at my university. I went to the conference feeling as if I was pushing this unbearable amount of weight uphill, but left with a network of people who would help support me through the toughest situations. They understood my frustrations, listened to my roadblocks, and offered actionable steps to move forward. Fast forward another year, I felt the same way leaving the conference, only this time with my own confidence and advice to share. With increased involvement in this group, I’ve created a network of professionals, turned friends, who consistently remind me they are just one call away.

- Policy Coordinator

The HEPNet conference and organization as a whole has connected our university with countless resources and colleagues across the country. The learning, sharing of ideas and networking opportunities as a result of this organization has been crucial in our university’s work in developing policies and practices for the protection of minors on campus.

- Rec Sports Associate Director

Mentorship Program


Mentorship Program


All members in the Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet) are invited and encouraged to indicate on their membership application to sign up to serve as a mentor and/or mentee to participate in a voluntary mentorship program.  We are looking for members that are well established in their careers that are willing to serve as mentors to one new member.  Mentees and mentors can select different categories on what type of connection they are looking for- regionally-based, department-based, policy status, and more. This opportunity is designed to accommodate as many new mentees as we can support that may be relatively new to working in the field of youth protection. 



Ideally we are looking for the mentor and mentee to form a professional working relationship with each other and to communicate regularly.  This includes periodically meeting in person if possible and/or speaking with each other as often as they prefer and to share best business practices.  The amount of time you spend together is entirely up to each mentor and mentee.  Each relationship will be required to be sustainable for one year.  If it is mutually agreed upon to continue the relationship informally after the year, that would be fantastic!



We would like to offer an opportunity for new member mentees to meet with their mentors and begin to develop their bond and share best practices by attending a special orientation training session the afternoon before the kick-off of each annual conference.  This will be an opportunity for mentees to learn more about the annual conference and HEPNet.  Additionally, there will be facilitation by several experienced youth protection leaders in various forms that will address significant program details.






HEPNet has numerous committees and a Board of Directors if you are looking for leadership experiences and ways to get involved even further than just general membership.

Committees are comprised of current HEPNet members who are volunteering their time to further and advance the association. If you are interested in more information on committees or Board of Directors, please view committee prospect form and Board prospect form.


Higher education youth protection operates most effectively as a collaboration -- within an institution, a community and state, and the country. It also has international dimensions. The Affiliations Committeeidentifies organizations that share common purposes to develop appropriate partnerships and affiliations. We seek to learn from other groups and to share resources, to enhance the strength of our organization and our effectiveness in protecting youth and other vulnerable populations.

Affiliations Committee


The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining multi-modal channels to share timely and relevant information. The Committee oversees all communication tools and coordinates communication strategies that advance the mission of HEPNet. It works to enhance the quality, reach, and general effectiveness of our communications to both internal and external target audiences.

Communications Committee


The finance committee will serve as the fiscal stewards of HEPNet by establishing budgets, complying with budgets, leading audits, and providing sound fiscal guidance.

Finance Committee


The Membership Committee develops new and innovative ways to recruit, encourage, and retain members, as well as encourage and facilitate active participation of all members for the mutual benefit of the Network and all those affiliated with it.

Membership Committee


The Organizational Oversight Committee is responsible for all nomination processes by or for HEPNet, reviewing bylaws, and general oversight of accountability.

Organizational Oversight Committee


The Program Committee provides various multi-modal engagement and educational opportunities for members to learn, network, and contribute knowledge and experiences to the field of youth protection.

Program Committee


The Resources Committee compiles and makes available useful comparative information on youth protection policies and practices in higher education institutions, including creation and management of a resource library.  As needed, the Committee assists members in conducting one-time surveys of members on topics not already addressed in the benchmarking.

Resources Committee

Group dues rate and referral program discounts


Group dues rate and referral program discounts


Group dues rate

If several people from your institution or system wish to join HEPNet as higher ed members, together you can receive a dues discount of up to 15%. 


This group rate is limited to three prospective members from the same institution or system. The three members receive a 15% total discount. If two people, rather than three, are interested, the total discount is 10%. The group must mail their application forms together, along with payment. This discount is not retroactive and can only be used at the beginning of the membership year.


Memberships at the group dues rate will be processed after all registration forms and payment are received.

Group dues FAQ

Is the group dues rate an institutional membership?

Not exactly. It’s a reduced rate for up to three individuals from the same institution. Our Association is still too small and new to create a full-fledged institutional membership program. We’ve created the next-best thing. Plus, even without the discount, our dues are already very reasonable.


How many people can participate?

Up to three individuals from an institution or system.


What’s the deal?

If you submit three memberships at the same time from the same institution or system, the memberships will be discounted by 15%.  If you submit two memberships at the same time from the same institution or system, the memberships will be discounted by 10%.  Membership applications need to be mailed in together to take advantage of the discount.


What’s the group rate?

If you have a total of two people, the cost in 2019 for the two memberships will be $315. If you have three people, the 2019 cost for the three memberships will be $446.25.


Good deal!

We agree. Without the group dues rate, the 2019 total cost would be $350 for two memberships and $525 for three memberships.


When do we become eligible?

The group must submit their membership forms at the same time, and they will have the same membership starting date.  


What is HEPNet’s membership year?

We start your membership in the month in which you, or your group, submit an application and payment. The membership runs for 12 months.

Can we apply online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Instead just print out an application form for each participant and mail the forms together to: HEPNet, P.O. Box 44, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. If you pay by credit card, you can also email your forms.


How do we pay?

Along with the membership forms, enclose a check or credit card information. If you’d like, you can provide credit card information over the phone. (The phone number is listed below.) Note that we won’t retain the credit card information after processing the payment.


My colleagues are in other departments. Can each of us pay separately?

We appreciate that working through different departmental budgets can be tricky. If you need to submit multiple payments from different budgets, that’s ok!  We’ll process the memberships once we’ve received the full payment.


Can the group dues discount be retroactive?

Sorry, no.


We have four colleagues who want to join as a group. Is that okay?

We’re thrilled about your enthusiasm. The four can join as two groups of two, and each group will receive a 10% reduction. 


Are affiliate HEPNet members eligible for the Group Dues Rate?

Sorry, no. It’s available only to colleges, universities, and higher education systems.


Referral program

Spread the word about HEPNet! If a current member refers someone who joins HEPNet as a new member, and has never before been in HEPNet, the current member will receive a 5% discount on their next membership renewal.  The new member needs to list on the membership registration form the name of the person who made the referral.  We’ll handle the rest.

Can I refer someone from my own institution or system?

Yes, please do!


Why would I refer someone from my own institution or system instead of getting a group rate?

The group rates are for memberships that begin at the same time.  If your membership is due for renewal in June, and someone at your institution wants to become a member in January, you can receive a 5% referral discount for yourself to use in June.


How do I get the discount?

Once we confirm that the new member has never been a member before and has listed your name on the application form as a referral, you’ll receive a coupon code by email to use when you renew your membership.


Can an affiliate member receive a referral discount?

Yes. Affiliate members of HEPNet, who aren’t at colleges or universities, can receive a referral discount. Affiliate members aren’t though, eligible for the group dues rate.


I often go to conferences and tell a lot of people how great HEPNet is.  If four of them become members, do I get a 20% discount?

Why, thank you!  Unfortunately, you only receive one 5% referral discount annually.  But if you refer people every year, you can get that 5% each year!         


My co-worker at my institution and I are both members and participate in the group rates program.  Can I still refer new members?

Of course you can!  However, you would only receive one discount annually so if you both renew your memberships together, you would forego the lesser 5% discount.


Who can help sort this out?

The HEPNet Executive Director, Lindsay Meyer Bond, will be happy to answer your questions, take credit card payments by phone, or provide further assistance. Contact Lindsay at 681-4HEPNet (681-443-7638) or The mailing address is HEPNet, P.O. Box 44, Canal Winchester, OH 43110.


HEPNet is pretty cool.

We agree.


Referral program FAQ