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This is a map connecting HEPNet members. 

If a member is going to a conference, or visiting a particular region for any purpose, and would like to meet up with others in the network, their "ping" will appear on the map as . If you are also attending that conference or live in the area and would like to meet up, contact the person by clicking on the . Note that dates are present. Map will be updated monthly and information will be collected via a monthly email request.

Additionally, all member institutions are represented by . If you click on on the map, you can view applicable youth protection policies if an institution has one.

New Member Recruitment

Many HEPNet members have asked for materials to share with others at conferences or within their institutions.  Below you will find various resources that you can share with potential new members. Please contact us if you need anything else!

Informational one-pager

Informational recruitment packet

Brief list-serve text (coming soon)

Sample email