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Resource Library / Policies and Procedures

Clear and consistent policies and procedures are essential for protecting minors in college and university activities. These resources will provide information and examples to assist youth protection specialists with developing policies focused on the protection of minors.

Process Flowcharts

ADA Accommodations Workflow

Description: This diagram shows the process used for approving and documenting ADA accommodations for youth program participants.

Author/Creator: Jennifer Clark, The University of Alabama.

Policy Components Flowchart

Description: Flowchart outlining required components of the policy

Author/Creator: The Ohio State University

Standards and Policies

2019 ACA Accreditation Standards

Description: Standards that are mandatory for camps to comply with in order to be accredited by the American Camp Association.

Author/Creator: American Camp Association

Benchmarking Data for Universities with Minors on Campus Policies

Description: Breakdown of components of minors on campus policies based on 125 higher education policies

Author/Creator: Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet)

Employee, Volunteer and Participant Conduct Codes

Description: There are multiple model conduct codes for employees, volunteers and also participants (younger and older youth). Feel free to include any of these in the resource library. The participant conduct codes come with a tip sheet (separate document) for implementing them in a program.

Author/Creator: Caroline Shelton, University of Washington

Guide for Youth Programs

Description: This guide outlines the requirements for youth programs at The University of Alabama.

Author/Creator: Jennifer Clark, The University of Alabama.

Montgomery College Protection of Minors Policy and Procedure (75005)

Description: Protection of Minors Policy and Procedure from Montgomery College, a 2-year public institution in Maryland.

Author/Creator: Kristen Roe, Montgomery College

Policy Responsibility Checklist

Description: Simple spreadsheet that outlines responsibilities of a unit and an individual

Author/Creator: Lindsay Bond, The Ohio State University

Protecting Minors On Campus

Description: The University of Illinois created a 5 minute video as a resource for individuals who are completing a Protection of Minors form, and what is expected of individuals who are in care of minors on our campuses.

Author/Creator: University Ethics and Compliance Office, University of Illinois System