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All members in the Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet) are invited and encouraged to indicate on their membership application to sign up to serve as a mentor and/or mentee to participate in a voluntary mentorship program.  We are looking for members that are well established in their careers that are willing to serve as mentors to one new member.  Mentees and mentors can select different categories on what type of connection they are looking for- regionally-based, department-based, policy status, and more. This opportunity is designed to accommodate as many new mentees as we can support that may be relatively new to working in the field of youth protection. 



Ideally we are looking for the mentor and mentee to form a professional working relationship with each other and to communicate regularly.  This includes periodically meeting in person if possible and/or speaking with each other as often as they prefer and to share best business practices.  The amount of time you spend together is entirely up to each mentor and mentee.  Each relationship will be required to be sustainable for one year.  If it is mutually agreed upon to continue the relationship informally after the year, that would be fantastic!



We would like to offer an opportunity for new member mentees to meet with their mentors and begin to develop their bond and share best practices by attending a special orientation training session the afternoon before the kick-off of each annual conference.  This will be an opportunity for mentees to learn more about the annual conference and HEPNet.  Additionally, there will be facilitation by several experienced youth protection leaders in various forms that will address significant program details.