Community Resources

It is important to HEPNet’s mission as a charitable organization to provide resources and educational opportunities to the general public, and not just our members. 

You may find the following information and resources valuable, whether you are a parent, potential member, or other advocate of children.

Boot Camp


For those in higher education needing to get buy-in, be sure to view our Risk Management Tools for Success, designed in collaboration with the American Camp Association and CampDoc, so that you can understand top trends, why it matters, and what to do next.       This Call to Action is for Youth Protection in College and University Athletic Programs and is a collaborative effort with the American Camp Association and the U.S. Center for SafeSport. This outlines basic measures that athletic teams and departments should be taking to protect the youth participating in programs.       For those interested in assessing the effectiveness of a youth protection program, view our September 2022 publication, Assessing the Effectiveness of your Youth Protection Program, which discusses the importance of assessment, self-assessment, external assessment, and how to institutionalize changes.